Restroom Trailer Size Guide

When you’re organizing an outdoor event or a construction site, it’s important to have a clean, convenient, and safe location for your employees, guests, or other attendees to use the restroom. In most cases, that means renting one or more portable toilets. In terms of temporary, outdoor restroom services, portable toilets are about as close as you can get to the convenience of indoor facilities.On some occasions, however, your outdoor restroom needs to call for something a bit more high-end than your average portable toilet. Outdoor functions aren’t always as casual as a community bazaar, street festival, or work site.  You may have VIP guests to accomdate as well.  When your guests are expected to dress up, your portable toilets should do the same. 

That’s when you need a portable toilet trailer. 

Do you have an upcoming project or event that could benefit from a classier restroom set-up? A portable restroom trailer is a simple solution for offering your guests a bathroom experience that doesn’t skimp on indoor amenities. Before you rent, check out this guide to restroom trailer cost, sizes, and more.  

What Size Restroom Trailer Do I Need?

Aside from the deluxe bathroom experience they offer, the appeal of portable restroom trailers is that they can accommodate multiple users at a time, unlike standard portable toilets with single-person occupancy. This makes restroom trailers extra convenient when events come with large attendance numbers. 

For that reason, one of the most important deliberations you’ll want to make when renting a portable restroom trailer is what size to rent. 

Portable restroom trailers come in the following sizes:

  • Two stalls These trailers can accommodate 125–175 people over the course of an eight-hour event.
  • Three stalls   These trailers can accommodate 175–225 people over the course of an eight-hour event.
  • Five stalls These trailers can accommodate 250–300 people over the course of an eight-hour event.

When choosing a size, you’ll want to consider the number of people who will be using the portable restroom trailer. If you have the optimal number of restrooms available for the volume of the event, you can avoid overcrowding that leads to long lines and maintain neater, more sanitary restrooms.

In addition, keep in mind that the numbers above are the minimum recommendations, and may be best applied to events that feature a limited number of guests and last for one to three days, like weddings, reunions, and company retreats. 

Depending on the nature and duration of your event, you may want to consider renting larger trailers with more stalls. This is especially true in the following cases: 

  • Events with food and/or alcohol – It should come as no surprise that guests who are eating and drinking are going to need more frequent access to restroom facilities. If you’re serving dinner at your event or hosting a cocktail reception, consider renting larger trailers for additional convenience.  
  • Lengthy or ongoing events – If you’re renting restroom trailers for an event that lasts for a week or longer, you’ll likely need more stalls to accommodate larger volumes, meal-time rush hours, and more frequent use. 

Lastly, you should also consider the amount of space you have available for the trailer itself. Restroom trailers take up more room than standard portable toilets. Even the smallest models may require around 100 square feet of space, with larger trailers requiring even more room. 


What Do Portable Restroom Trailers Include?

When it comes to outdoor facilities, portable restroom trailers are a cut above the portable toilets that most people are familiar with. When businesses host company events outside or a couple chooses an outdoor location for their wedding, they may choose to rent restroom trailers so that their guests have access to a more comfortable restroom option. 

But what exactly distinguishes restroom trailers from standard portable toilets?

In general, restroom trailers resemble deluxe versions of portable toilets. Whereas most portable toilets are stand-alone, single-occupancy units with minimal room and limited amenities, restroom trailers are much closer to the experience of using a full bathroom.

For example, most portable restroom trailers feature bathrooms with flushable toilets, which isn’t always the case with standard portable toilets. They also offer indoor features like: 

  • Urinals
  • Sinks
  • Trash receptacles 
  • Mirrors 
  • Lighting

Moreover, the interiors of restroom trailers have very little in common with standard portable toilets. You should expect finer, more attractive finishes for an environment that feels like an indoor bathroom. 


What About Shower Trailers?

In addition to portable bathroom trailers, some situations may require the use of portable shower trailers. For example, workers who perform labor that leaves them covered in dirt and grime at the end of the day might appreciate a private place to clean up and change clothes before heading home. 

Likewise, shower trailers may be an excellent solution for seasonal events or locations like campsites where brick-and-mortar showers aren’t available. 

Portable shower trailers are available in a range of sizes, with models that feature as many as 30 stalls for very large events. If you’re renting showers for the job site, however, you’ll likely be well enough served by shower stalls in one of the following standard sizes:

  • Two stalls
  • Three stalls
  • Five stalls

Shower trailers feature individual shower stalls with lockable doors to ensure privacy. They’re powered by the electricity at your location and connect to your water source. Before you book a rental shower trailer, you should verify that your location is properly set up to provide power and water. 


Restroom Trailer Sizes & Dimensions

Portable restroom trailers vary in size depending on the number of stalls they feature and sometimes based on the vendor you rent them from. In general, the smallest models with only two stalls are sized according to the following approximate dimensions: 

  • Around 10 feet tall
  • Around 12 feet long
  • Around 8 feet deep 

Shower trailers are generally even larger than restroom trailers. Understandably, large-scale models with dozens of stalls will have equally large measurements and will dominate a substantial amount of space on-site. But the two, three, and five-stall models offered by ASAP are subject to the following measurements: 

  • Two-stall shower trailers – These trailers are approximately six feet in depth with a width of 12 feet.
  • Three-stall shower trailers – These trailers are just over 22 feet wide with a depth of about 9 feet. 
  • Five-stall shower trailers – Our five-stall trailers feature slightly smaller showers for a width of about 17 feet and a depth measurement of seven feet.


Restroom Trailer Rental Prices

Rental prices for restroom trailers will depend on your location and the duration of your rental, but generally, restroom trailers in our network are available to rent at the following price points:

  • Two-stall units rent for around $2,700 per day.
  • Three-stall units rent for around  $3,050 per day.
  • Five-stall units rent for around $3,760 per day.

Eight to 10-stall units rent for around $3,000 per day, although availability and pricing vary depending on location. If you need large-capacity solutions, an ASAP Advisor can answer your questions. 


Benefits of ASAP Marketplace 

At ASAP Site Services, we’ve been connecting businesses and individuals with temporary rental equipment for more than 30 years. During that time, we’ve made it a point to continually modify and update how we do business to ensure that the services we offer are always in-line with the needs and expectations of our customers.

Now, we’re making our unique services even more appealing with ASAP Marketplace. ASAP partners with an incredible selection of companies to provide solutions for all of your commercial or residential equipment rental needs. Our expansive catalog includes:

  • Portable toilets 
  • Portable restroom trailers
  • Portable showers
  • Portable storage containers 
  • Commercial, roll-off, and curbside collection dumpsters
  • Tables, tents, and chairs 

That said, we know that a great selection isn’t the only thing most people are looking for when it comes to equipment rentals. When you work with ASAP, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come from working with an experienced and trusted company, like:

  • Exceptional customer service – Our ASAP Advisors are knowledgeable, dedicated, and standing by to guide you through the process. Not sure how many portable toilets you need for your job site? Wondering if a two-stall restroom trailer is enough for your weekend wedding? The answers to your questions are just a phone call away. 
  • The best local vendors – At ASAP, we only partner with trusted and reliable vendors. We look past national brands in favor of local companies with sterling reputations so that you’re always guaranteed the best, local vendors and the best prices. 
  • Easy price comparison – When you’re vetting equipment rental companies, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the range of prices and services that are offered. But when you use ASAP Marketplace, you can easily compare prices and services from multiple vendors, making it easier to find the solutions that are best for your project. 

In other words, ASAP Marketplace can save you time, money, and stress, whether you need waste removal services for a large-scale commercial project, portable restroom trailers for a private gathering, or tents and tables for your outdoor function. When you’re in the market for short or long-term, on-site equipment rentals, we can get them to you ASAP. 


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