3 Stall Restroom Trailer Rentals

Restroom trailer 3 stall

Introducing our premium 3-stall restroom trailer rental, designed to elevate the sanitation experience for your outdoor events or temporary facilities. This thoughtfully designed restroom trailer boasts three individual stalls, providing ample privacy and convenience for your guests. Each stall is equipped with modern amenities, including flushable toilets, spacious countertops with sinks, and well-placed mirrors for personal grooming. The climate-controlled interior ensures optimal comfort throughout the rental period, while the tastefully lit exterior enhances safety and accessibility. With its upscale features and attention to detail, our 3-stall restroom trailer is the perfect solution to meet your event or temporary facility needs.

The features you can expect of this three-stall restroom trailer include:

  • Three separate stalls for individual use
  • Flushable toilets in each stall
  • Sinks with running water for handwashing
  • Mirrors for personal grooming
  • Adequate lighting inside and outside the trailer
  • Climate control for optimal comfort
  • Ample ventilation for a fresh and comfortable environment
  • Exterior lighting for enhanced visibility and safety
  • Waste storage system for efficient waste management

Please note that the units require access to running water and a 110 volt outlet dedicated to its use. If you do not have these onsite, we have a water tank and generator available for rent as well.

The three-stall restroom trailer can be useful in a range of scenarios where temporary and portable restroom facilities are required, including:

  • Outdoor events such as weddings, festivals, concerts, and fairs
  • Construction sites for worker convenience and hygiene
  • Corporate events in remote locations
  • Film and TV productions for cast and crew members
  • Emergency situations and temporary shelters
  • Outdoor weddings and parties
  • Remote locations like camping sites and hiking trailheads
  • Renovations and remodeling projects at residential properties

For a 3-stall restroom trailer rental, it is essential to have access to water and a dedicated 110-volt outlet on-site. If these utilities are not available, we offer convenient solutions for rent:

  • Fresh water holding tank: We provide a fresh water holding tank loaded with fresh water. This water is used for flushing toilets and operating the sinks in the unit.
  • Power generator: In case a dedicated outlet is not available, we offer a power generator. The generator will come stocked with gasoline, and it will be your responsibility to maintain fuel levels throughout the rental period.
  • Sewage holding tank: The restroom trailer comes with a sewage holding tank. However, if you anticipate high usage during an event or prefer to reduce the frequency of servicing on long-term rentals, additional sewage holding tanks are available as an add-on.

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