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Restroom Trailer Rental Services

Gain access to indoor, portable facilities, including running water, full toilet stalls, sinks, trash receptacles, mirrors, and even showers, along with everything you need to keep it all functioning. For everything from luxurious events to long-term construction projects in remote locations, rented restroom trailers will keep your people comfortable and cared for.  Consult our restroom trailer rental guide to help find the best restroom trailer for your needs or speak with an ASAP Advisor.



Whether you’re looking to reduce restroom lines or cater to a crowd of luxury seekers, restroom trailers are a fantastic way to inject value into your event. Guests will feel comfortable, confident, and at ease with access to real plumbing in a temperature-controlled environment. Enhance existing facilities to accommodate a larger crowd, or host a high-end event in a remote location—either way, ASAP Marketplace has all the options you need to deliver a seamless experience.


Construction Restroom Trailers

Nothing comes before the health, safety, and well-being of your crew. When you rent restroom and shower trailers through the ASAP Marketplace, you’ll feel completely confident that your project stakeholders are properly provided for. Plus, our ASAP advisers will ensure every aspect of your rental is up to code with local laws and regulations.


Prices & Sizes

The ASAP Marketplace can accommodate a wide range of restroom trailer requests, from a single-day rental of our smallest size trailer (2 bathroom stalls) to a long-term rental of multiple, 8-10 stall trailers (and shower trailers too). Browse our selection of restroom trailer sizes, or get in touch with an ASAP adviser to select the ideal size for your budget.

Tips for Renting Restroom Trailers

Ensure your site has the proper utility hookups for a restroom trailer, or, alternatively, rent the proper accessories (like a generator and water tank) to keep it running. Make a plan for restroom trailer maintenance and cleaning—your ASAP adviser will help your iron out the details with your vendor. Double-check your traffic and usage estimates before ordering—it’s better to err on the side of caution than risk renting too few facilities.