40 Foot Office with Storage for Rent

Portable storage ground level office

Introducing a versatile 40-foot portable storage/office combo unit, providing a convenient solution for your storage and workspace needs. This unit seamlessly integrates a secure storage area with an office space, offering flexibility and efficiency in a single unit. It is designed for various applications, such as construction sites, remote locations, or temporary office expansions. The storage section allows for safe and accessible storage of equipment, supplies, or inventory, while the office area provides a comfortable and functional workspace. With customizable interior layouts and optional furniture packages, this portable storage/office combo unit offers a versatile solution tailored to your specific requirements.

The 40-foot portable storage/office combination units have many features including:

  • Secure storage area for equipment, tools, or inventory.
  • Separate office space for administrative tasks and meetings.
  • Customizable interior layout to accommodate specific needs.
  • Windows and doors for natural light, ventilation, and security.
  • Electrical outlets and lighting fixtures for power and illumination.
  • Climate control for a comfortable working environment.
  • Potential mobility for relocation to different sites (depending on the unit).

It’s important to note that the features offered can vary depending on the provider and customization options available. When speaking with one of our trusted advisors, please be sure to specify your needs so we can find the best solution for you.

The 40-foot office/storage unit is versatile in its uses, including: 

  • Construction Sites: Serve as a central hub for project managers, supervisors, and administrative staff, while also providing secure storage for construction tools and equipment.
  • Remote Work Locations: Offer a versatile solution for setting up temporary offices in remote or off-site locations, providing both workspace and storage capabilities.
  • Job Site Trailers: Suitable for contractors and construction teams who require on-site office space and storage for their equipment and materials.
  • Event Management: Provide a convenient on-site office for event organizers, with storage space for event supplies, equipment, and inventory.
  • Educational Facilities: Serve as temporary administrative offices or classrooms during renovation projects or when additional space is needed.
  • Retail Pop-up Stores: Combine storage for inventory with an office space for managing sales and operations during temporary retail ventures.
  • Disaster Relief Operations: Offer a flexible solution for establishing command centers or administrative offices during emergency response efforts, with integrated storage for supplies and equipment.
  • Film and Entertainment Industry: Provide a convenient setup for production offices and storage of film equipment, costumes, and props on location.
  • Temporary Expansion: Support businesses in need of additional office space and storage during peak seasons or transitional periods.

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