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Portable toilet

The portable toilet with a sink inside is an ideal solution for events, construction sites, and other locations where access to handwashing facilities is limited. The unit features a built-in sink with a foot-pump sink, soap, and paper towel dispenser, providing users with a convenient and hygienic way to wash their hands. It also includes a spacious interior, making it a comfortable and practical option for any outdoor or remote setting. Renting a portable toilet with a sink inside ensures that users can maintain proper hygiene and sanitation, even in areas without access to traditional restroom facilities.

The features of a portable toilet with a sink typically include: 


  • A built-in sink with a foot-operated pump faucet for running water
  • A soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser for handwashing
  • A lockable door with occupancy indicator for privacy and security
  • A vent pipe for odor control
  • A spacious interior with sufficient headroom and ventilation
  • A sturdy and durable construction that is resistant to weather and vandalism
  • Optional add-ons like mirrors, shelves, and hand sanitizers may also be available, depending on the rental company and unit type.
  • Outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, and fairs, where attendees need access to restroom and handwashing facilities.
  • Construction sites or work zones, where workers need to use the restroom and wash their hands to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of germs and disease.
  • Camping trips or outdoor excursions, where traditional restrooms may not be available, and a portable toilet with a sink can provide a more convenient and hygienic option.
  • Emergency response situations such as natural disasters, where access to traditional restrooms may be disrupted, and portable toilets with sinks can help maintain proper hygiene and sanitation.
  • Remote locations where there is no access to running water or traditional restroom facilities, such as oil rigs, mining sites, or other industrial settings.

There are several add-ons available to enhance the use of the unit depending on your needs. These can be selected at checkout:

  • Hand sanitizer
    • In-unit to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria without the need for water
  • Lock kit
    • Keep your unit secured from outside use

Can I use this in the winter with freezing temperatures?

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If you want to use this unit in the winter with freezing temperatures, it needs to be indoors where the water will not freeze. Portable toilet winterization is a chemical that goes into the toilet bowl with every servicing; this cannot be added to the fresh water used for handwashing with the in-unit sink.

Do I need to connect my portable toilet with sink to running water?

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No, the units are completely self-contained. The water for the sink is in a separate tank within the unit, and will be replenished with every cleaning. The grey water produced by the sink will similarly be removed with every cleaning, along with the blackwater.

What is the normal cleaning schedule of a portable toilet?

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The standard frequency of service is one time per week. Along with weekly cleaning, the supplies within the unit are replenished.

How far in advance should I place my order for a porta potty?

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It’s best to reserve a portable toilet rental as far in advance as possible. During the busier warmer months, porta potty availability can be limited because of the increased number of events and construction projects, especially for specialty portable toilets such as these. Delivery times vary based on the company, but most porta potties can be delivered within 48 hours of your order.

My question isn't answered here. What should I do?

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You can check our page of additional frequently asked questions here.

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