Post-In-Ground Fencing Rentals


Post-in-ground fencing is the ultimate solution for securing your property with durability and stability. The high-quality chain link fencing is specifically designed with posts that securely anchor into the ground, providing a robust barrier for a wide range of applications. From construction sites and outdoor events to temporary enclosures and crowd control, this fencing offers unparalleled strength and security. With its easy installation and customizable options in terms of length and height, you can quickly create a safe and controlled environment for your specific needs.

Post-in-ground fencing is commonly rented for various scenarios where a temporary or semi-permanent perimeter is required. Some common instances include:

  • Construction Sites
    • Establish a secure boundary and keep unauthorized individuals out of the work area. This helps to protect equipment, materials, and workers from potential hazards.
  • Outdoor Events
    • Music festivals, sporting events, and public gatherings can benefit from post-in-ground fencing to define designated areas, control access points, and prevent unauthorized entry. 
  • Temporary Enclosures
    • Create temporary enclosures for outdoor storage, renovation projects, or site-specific activities to establish a secure perimeter.
  • Security Enhancements
    • If you need to bolster security at your premises, such as during maintenance work or heightened security situations, post-in-ground fencing can provide an additional layer of protection by deterring trespassers and maintaining a controlled environment.

Customize your rental to create the perfect solution for your project or event, ensuring the right combination of height, security, and accessibility. You can choose from a variety of fencing heights, including: 

  • 6-foot high fencing: Provides a secure and enclosed perimeter suitable for various applications.
  • 8-foot high fencing: Offers increased height for enhanced security and privacy.

There is also the option of adding a gate to your fencing to allow vehicles, equipment, and people to pass through. Choose from:

  • 4-foot-wide gate: Provides a convenient entry point for personnel or equipment.
  • 12-foot-wide gate: Offers a wider access area for accommodating larger items or vehicles.
  • 24-foot-wide gate: Provides ample space for unrestricted entry and exit of vehicles or large equipment.

We offer add-ons for you to choose from to complement the post-in-ground fencing, customizable to meet your specific needs:

  • Blackout Sunscreens
    • Provides enhanced privacy and blocks visibility from outside, perfect for concealing construction sites or creating private areas.
  • Padlocks
    • Offers additional security by allowing you to lock the gates

When considering your fencing options, it’s important to note that post-in-ground fencing requires digging holes to secure the fence firmly. Take this into consideration while determining the most suitable fencing type for your requirements and the specific substrate it will be placed on.

In addition to our post-in-ground fencing, we provide an array of alternatives to cater to your unique needs. Learn more about the other fencing and barricade options we provide, such as panel fencing, crowd control barricades, and barricade barrels.

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