Crowd Control Barricade Rentals


Experience seamless crowd management with our crowd control barricade rentals. Our sturdy and versatile barricades are designed to ensure the safety and orderliness of any event or public gathering. Made from durable materials, these interlocking barricades provide a strong physical barrier to guide and direct the movement of crowds. With their reflective strips and customizable signage, our barricades enhance visibility and aid in crowd control, making them ideal for concerts, festivals, parades, construction sites, and more. Rent our crowd control barricades and streamline crowd flow while maintaining a secure and organized environment.

While specific features such as color vary between vendors, common features of crowd control barriers include:

  • Interlocking panels with hook and sleeve joining system
    • No tools required
  • Durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant steel
    • About 42 lbs/panel
  • Freestanding 
  • Portable and easy to install, reposition, and remove
  • Panel lengths vary from 6.5-8.25 feet depending on vendor
    • Height: 3.5 feet
  • No need for digging holes or sand bags
  • Tapered base floor to minimize tripping hazard
  • Rounded top to minimize injury hazard
  • Allow sound, smoke, and lights to pass through

The versatility of crowd control barricades allows for various applications depending on the specific needs of the event or situation, including:

  • Establishing boundaries and perimeters at events or public gatherings
  • Guiding and directing pedestrian traffic
  • Creating queues or lines for orderly access or waiting
  • Preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • Maintaining separation between spectators and performers
  • Managing crowd flow and preventing overcrowding
  • Enhancing safety and security measures at venues
  • Creating designated entry and exit points
  • Providing a physical barrier for crowd control in protests or demonstrations
  • Facilitating construction site safety by restricting access to hazardous areas

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