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Panel fencing is designed to meet your temporary fencing needs with ease. Panel fencing offers a flexible and efficient way to create secure enclosures or boundaries for construction sites, events, and various other applications. The modular design allows for quick and easy installation, ensuring hassle-free setup and dismantling. Available in different heights, durable panel fencing provides reliable perimeter security, crowd control, and site protection. Experience the convenience and functionality of panel fencing, providing a customizable and effective solution for your temporary fencing requirements.

Panel fencing serves a wide range of purposes across different industries and applications. Some common uses of panel fencing include:

  • Construction Sites 
    • Secure construction sites, creating a clear boundary to keep unauthorized individuals out and protect workers and equipment from potential hazards.
  • Outdoor Events
    • Manage crowd control and define designated areas at concerts, festivals, sporting events, and other outdoor gatherings. It ensures the safety of attendees and maintains an organized flow of people.
  • Temporary Enclosures
    • Enclose specific areas temporarily and easily adjust and remove sections as needed, such as for outdoor storage, renovation projects, or creating temporary barriers.
  • Public Safety and Crowd Management
    • Use by law enforcement and security personnel to establish perimeters during emergencies, public demonstrations, or high-security events, ensuring public safety and managing crowd movements effectively.
  • Sporting Facilities
    • Enclose sports fields, tennis courts, or other recreational areas to provide boundaries and protect spectators from accessing restricted areas.
  • Temporary Animal Enclosure
    • Create temporary enclosures for livestock, pets, or animal control purposes, ensuring the safety and containment of animals.

By choosing the desired fencing height, you can customize your rental to create the perfect solution for your project or event. Whether you need standard security or heightened privacy, our panel fencing options offer the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. The most common options are:

  • 6-foot high fencing: Provides a secure and enclosed perimeter suitable for various applications.
  • 8-foot high fencing: Offers increased height for enhanced security and privacy.

Whether you need increased stability in challenging conditions or added privacy for your project or event, our optional add-ons have you covered:

  • Sand Bags
    • Offered to provide additional stability and prevent the panel fencing from tipping or shifting, especially in windy conditions or on uneven ground.
  • Blackout Sunscreens
    • Provide enhanced privacy and block visibility from outside, perfect for concealing construction sites, creating private areas, or controlling the visibility of your event space.

Panel fencing presents a robust and adaptable fencing solution that can be used on any ground surface without the need for posts in the ground. Its versatility makes it suitable for various needs. However, it’s important to consider factors such as your location and specific requirements. In windy areas, adding weights such as sand bags may be necessary to ensure stability.

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