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  • Whether a farmers’ market, a film screening, or a block party, community events are all about bringing neighbors, acquaintances, and friends together to celebrate. But behind the scenes, these stand-ups require significant effort and pre-planning to execute without a hitch…

  • When winter comes and the freezing temperatures—not to mention snow—start to fall, it’s time to think about how to winterize the portable toilets you use on your job site. Taking steps to protect your porta potties from cold weather is an essential step to ensuring they’re available for your construction personnel to use when they need them. Wondering how to..
  • For construction companies, storing equipment safely overnight or between jobs is a top priority. The trucks, tools, and other machinery that teams use on the job aren’t just necessary for the work they do. They also represent a huge investment for business owners. Proper construction equipment storage goes a long way to protecting that investment and ensuring that your company..
  • From people singing during a concert to fans cheering on their favorite team, a crowd can excite and energize an event. That said, crowds can also pose health risks. Luckily, you can take steps to manage crowd safety. That way, you can help ensure a safe, fun event. Read on for three crowd safety tips and the equipment you’ll need..
  • Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen to granite countertops, new cabinets, open shelving, overhaul the plumbing, and a sliding-door pantry to entertain your neighbors in style. Or maybe you’re hoping to expand your living room or ground floor to accommodate your growing family. You may even have a few more home remodeling ideas you plan on tackling alone.  Whatever..
  • Perhaps you’re remodeling a kitchen or embarking on an extensive spring cleaning that accrues piles of furniture items and old clothing a day. Regardless of your reason, you find yourself with too much to throw out that you can easily wrangle into a 13-gallon trash bag. What can you do? You can rent various types of dumpsters. A dumpster rental..
  • The time has come to finally act on those home remodeling ideas you’ve had for a while now. Whether you’re completing quality-of-life improvements to your property, trying to raise your home value before a sale, or finally pulling the trigger on a long-awaited project, it’s time to replace your roof.  But, how long does a roof last and how do..
  • The construction industry can generate tons of revenue for local, state, and national economies. Unfortunately, construction equipment theft can also generate revenue for individual criminals and organized crime. By some estimates, construction equipment theft costs the construction industry $1 billion per year.1 Fortunately, you don’t have to watch your construction equipment vanish like a bag of misplaced nails: You can..
  • The process of moving and relocating can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. But don't worry, there's a simple solution that can make the whole experience a lot easier: portable storage unit. Because of its mobility, flexibility, security, affordability, and convenience, portable storage solutions are becoming more and more common. The advantages of using..
  • Outdoor events are thrilling and enjoyable, but they also present many difficulties. Making sure that attendees have access sanitary facilities that are safe, clean, and functioning is one of the largest problems for event planners. It might be challenging to provide sufficient restroom facilities, especially if the event is taking place in a rural area. Fortunately, portable toilets provide an..
  • Choosing the correct tent as an event planner is critical to the success of your event. A tent may not only provide shelter but also enhance the entire mood and experience of the event. So, today, we will give tips on how to pick the proper size and style of event tent for your event. Key Takeaways: Choosing the right..
  • Are you planning a high-end event and looking for ways to elevate the guest experience? Standard types of portable toilets may not suffice, especially for events with a luxury or upscale theme. Luxury restroom trailers offer several amenities that standard portable toilets do not, including air conditioning, hot and cold water, and high-end finishes. In this article, we'll discuss the..