What not to do when renting a portable toilet?

What not to do when renting a portable toilet?

Renting a portable toilet is a convenient and practical solution for various events, construction sites, and outdoor activities. However, like any rental process, there are certain factors to consider and mistakes to avoid. Whether you’re planning an event, managing a construction project, or need a temporary restroom solution, understanding what NOT to do when renting a portable toilet is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll explore common pitfalls and provide valuable tips to ensure a seamless and satisfactory portable toilet rental experience.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

One of the most common mistakes people make when renting a portable toilet is waiting until the last minute to book. Portable toilets are in high demand for various events and construction sites, especially during peak seasons. For events, this is usually around holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), and Labor Day weekends. For construction portable toilets, depending on your locale, demand starts picking up when weather becomes more favorable for working outdoors, such as spring. Delaying the rental process might lead to limited availability or higher costs. To secure the best portable toilet options for your needs, start the rental process early, and plan ahead to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Don’t Overlook Your Specific Requirements

Each event or project has unique requirements when it comes to portable toilets. For events, factors such as the number of attendees, the duration of the event, the nature of the occasion, and even whether or not alcohol is being served should be considered when determining how many portable toilets are needed and what features they should have. For projects or long-term rentals, consider how many people will be using the facilities over the course of the day. Failing to assess your specific requirements properly can result in inadequate restroom facilities or unnecessary expenses. Take the time to understand your needs and communicate them clearly with your ASAP Marketplace advisor, or when choosing which product you’d like to rent. For a more detailed portable toilet rental guide, click here. Link to portable toilet rental guide

Don’t Ignore the Location and Accessibility

The location and accessibility of the portable toilet are vital aspects to consider. For outdoor events or construction sites, ensure that the placement of the portable toilet is convenient for attendees, workers, or guests. The restroom should be easily accessible without interfering with the flow of the event or construction activities. Also, consider any potential obstacles that might affect the delivery or setup process, such as narrow pathways or uneven terrain.

Don’t Forget About Additional Services

Portable toilets come with various additional services, such as hand sanitizers, sinks, and even attendants for upscale events. Ignoring these additional services might result in a less satisfactory experience for attendees or guests. Assess the needs of your event or project and consider if any of these additional services would enhance the overall experience.

Don’t Ignore Hygiene and Maintenance

Proper hygiene and maintenance of portable toilets are critical for the health and comfort of users, and is why scheduling the appropriate number of portable toilet cleanings is important. Ignoring hygiene and maintenance standards can lead to unpleasant experiences for attendees or workers.

For event portable toilets, scheduling extra cleanings for events that take place over several days is a great way to ensure cleanliness of the unit(s), and guest satisfaction. For construction portable toilets, once-a-week cleaning is the usual servicing frequency offered by vendors, but you may want to consider twice-a-week (or more!) servicing if you expect the unit to be heavily used. If you realize that you need to increase or decrease the frequency of the servicing of your unit(s) you can do so by contacting your vendor directly. 

Don’t Overlook Safety Considerations

Safety should always be a top priority when renting a portable toilet. For construction sites or events with a range of attendees, consider renting ADA-compliant units to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Additionally, you may want to consider placing your rented portable toilet in a well-lit area if they will be utilized in low-light or night time conditions. 


Renting a portable toilet can be a seamless and convenient solution for various occasions, provided you avoid common pitfalls. From planning ahead and understanding your specific requirements to considering location, accessibility, hygiene, and additional services, attention to detail is key. Prioritize safety, cleanliness, and customer service to ensure a positive experience for all users. By being proactive and thorough in your approach to renting a portable toilet, you can guarantee a hassle-free and satisfactory restroom solution for your event, construction site, or outdoor activity.